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The Game


The Game:

That is our idea of a large, on-line, Mulitplayer, real-time, strategy, first person Simulator. ; -)

The Idea:

The idea is, different games, e.g. Quake 3 arena, Battlezone and tank general are linked together so that a Battlezone player receives direct feedback from a Quake Deathmatch. We could have included other games similar in function. Naturally they do not have to be the same. But at least we have already got a starting point.

The Structure:

It is played on a map, which is divided into different sectors. These sectors are filled of different clans, whose target is to conquer as many sectors as possible. As well as the sectors filled from the outset there are free sectors containing raw materials just waiting to be taken. The first general map, which represents the sectors, resembles Panzer General or - probably more so - the tactics display of Jagged Alliance. The next lower level, a sector, exists e.g. from a Battlezone map, which contains certain buildings, e.g. a control center, which can only be taken by a Deathmatch e.g. in Quake. Why can't I take the building with my tanks in an air strike, you may ask. The fact is however that there are some important buildings, for example the control center, which are essential for the occupation of a sector. The Deathmatch player receives here some of the function of the pioneers in Command & Conquer.


A clan is formed from strategists, who own a sector at the start of play. These strategists must extend their territory, by conquering other sectors, plus they must create armies eventually. Vehicles are available. Additionally they should worry about the relations with other clans, so that they win business partners or allies.


To conquer a sector, soldiers must be enlisted, either as infantrymen servants or with clan-sanctioned vehicles filled by the strategists of a clan. The strategist finds these soldiers in a database, (those who know Jagged Alliance may be reminded of MERC) of all players who has currently have a desire to play. For their service the mercenaries are paid, with which they can buy better equipment, on the other hand they may serve further for additional pay, than is usual for the quality of a mercenary. With this extra work however in the next point one deals more in greater detail.

Extra work:

In order to increase the motivation, each mercenary receives Money for completed jobs, which is on the one hand usual for his/her normal performances, on the other hand - and this point is still hotly discussed - can the soldier buy with the cash better equipment or perhaps even raise its characteristics (e.g. points of life). Since the mercenaries can always be a member of a different clan, ever if the clan is off-line, he must return the equipment received from the clan after a job. Since different clans can also keep the not so well-made equipment, I feel, mercenaries should be able to own their own equipment, so that they are not necessarily dependent on the clan equipment. This will particularly benefit experienced soldiers, since they can frequently afford better equipment than the clan can provide and are thus better protected.

Respawn and Starting Equipment:

As in the Deathmatch has each player does not have just one life and so at certain places is respawned. These places are always where the clan began its Attack. The question how often soldiers in a Deathmatch should be able to respawn should be able to be determined by the clan. Everyone surely knows the following situation: someone was killed and starting almost unarmed from the Respawn Point, each armed opponent represents a serious danger, until they are finally sharpened by the half level and have procured a weapon and a tidy armament. Only then can the fun properly begin. Thus it is no longer necessary for each clan member to place equipment by the starting point, which they must naturally buy first. Besides each player can pool his/her start equipment as desired. Thus someone can save his/her cash for a beautiful sniper rifle, someone else can use the crowbar, plays, then buys the rocket launcher. This has the advantage that each player can begin immediately with the actual play.


Everything in the Game costs money, is it an important function of the strategist to provide this cash. In addition there is a certain quantity of resources, which can be taken from each sector. If the resources run out however, the clan may deal with another clan (exchanges tanks against Helicopter), above all however will have to find themselves new sectors to conquer, in which further resources are to be found. If this sector is already in the possession of another clan, a fight takes place, otherwise the sector changes peacefully into the possession of the clan and they can take the resources.

How long does a game last?

I focus one period for a total game, that takes between one week and one month, depending on how many clans compete and how often is played. The duration of the individual Deathmatch however can be freely determined the clans involved, in which it is easily said how often a Respawn (thus reviving the soldiers) is permitted.

When do I play? Does it have open times?

Open times I feel are unnecessary, since each attack on a filled sector (at least in the standard play) must be announced, so that within a certain period a date must be found. Since for a fight however only one strategist is absolutely necessary for each clan and can control each mercenary at any time, no long waiting periods need occur.

What does the name mean??

"The Game" is because we believe in creating the play and that nothing better occurred to us.

Where can I send improvement suggestions, criticism to this concept?

The current discussion takes place in our mailing list:


All announcements and new versions are announced here:


Otherwise one can just email us:



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